How to Upgrade Tools in New World

A lot of people want to know how to upgrade tools in New World, and understandably so. The system is a little complicated, made even worse by the truly astounding amounts of grinding you have to do for everything in this game. However, once you figure the system out, it gets easier. So, with that said, we’ll explain how to upgrade New World tools in this guide.

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how to upgrade tools in new world
How to Upgrade Tools in New World

How to Upgrade New World Tools

To upgrade tools in New World you actually have to craft them from scratch at the workbench. By that, I mean you can’t take, say, a Tier I Axe and add stuff to it to turn it into Tier II. Instead, as I’ve said, you must make them yourself. Tier II tools are those made of Iron, and Tier III are made of Steel. The problem with the latter is that you need 50 Engineering, which you get by, you’ve guessed it, crafting different stuff. Put a pin in that info for later.

Another thing that’s super-important when crafting tools is adding Special Resources and Azoth. The more of the latter you add, the more you increase chances of the new tool having Attributes, Perks, and Gem Slots. Of course, Azoth is not super-common, so use it carefully, but do consider adding at least 15 Azoth when you upgrade tools in New World. As for the Special Resources, they most often drop from enemies, chests, or from generally farming stuff in Dungeons. Each of them adds an extra perk to your tool, such as gathering speed, durability, higher yield, luck to increase odds of getting rare materials, etc. So, always add some of those according to your needs if possible.

Now, we’ve mentioned before that you have to craft a lot of different stuff to get your Engineering skill up so that you can craft Steel tools. Well, that might lead to you having a lot of surplus tools and other gear. So, make your way to the Trading Post and put some of them up for sale. You can also find upgraded tools that others are selling, too, so that’s a perfectly good avenue to obtain some, if you have the coin.

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