Void Ore New World - How to Get Voidbent Armor

Void Ore is one of the most powerful – and rarest – materials in New World. Getting this resource is very difficult, but if you do manage to get enough of it, you will be able to craft some truly powerful items, such as the Voidbent Armor. If you would like to get this legendary armor for yourselves, our Void Ore New World – How to Get Voidbent Armor guide is here to tell you everything you should know about void ore and how to acquire it.

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Void Ore New World - How to Get Voidbent Armor

How to Get Void Ore New World

There are two main ways that you can get Void Ore in New World. The first of these involves you mining it from Orichalcum Veins. These are the the ores that have the highest requirements. You will need a minimum of 175 Mining Skill to gather it. Like the Fae Iron and some other resources, there is only a small chance that Void Ore will drop when you mine Orichalcum Veins. To have a better chance of getting one, you will need to increase your Mining Luck. You can do this with certain foods.

The other way is by purchasing Void Ores from Trading Posts. That is, if another player has offered them for sale there. When at a Trading Post, search for “Void Ores” to see if there are any you can buy there. Of course, being so difficult to obtain, don’t be surprised at their exorbitant prices.

Where to Find Orichalcum Veins New World

Directly to the north of the map and to the islands to the west are the two places in New World which have the highest concentration of Orichalcum Veins in the game. We’ve marked their spots on the screenshots below. But be warned if you are going north, since this is a high-level area full of dangerous enemies.

New World Voidbent Armor Craft

In order to be able to see the recipe for crafting Voidbent Armor, you will first need to have the Voidbent Ingot recipe in your inventory. To create a Voidbent Ingot, you will need x1 Void Ore, x1 Void Essence, and x10 Energy Core. Likewise, you will also need to use a Tier-3 Smelter. With Voidbent Ingots (and other ingredients, of course), you will be able to craft these Voidbent Armor pieces and get the entire legendary armor set: Voidbent Shoes, Voidbent Pants, Voidbent Gloves, Voidbent Robes, Voidbent Wraps, Voidbent Boots, Voidbent Leggings, Voidbent Grips, Voidbent Coat, Voidbent Hat, Voidbent Sabbatons, Voidbent Legguards, Voidbent Gauntlets, Voidbent Breastplate, and Voidbent Helm.

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