Absolver Launch Trailer Shows Off Combat Mechanics, Camaraderie

There’s a launch trailer for Absolver now, a day ahead of the game’s release. It does a good job of introducing the ruined world and how it works, without really spoiling anything. It won’t do much for people who are already aware of the game, but newcomers should be up to speed in no time.

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absolver launch trailer
Absolver launch trailer

Those guys with masks, the ones punching each other in the face? They’re called Prospects, and you’re one of them. You’re going to wander around the fallen empire of Adal, punching others in the face for no particular reason. Well, except for you desire to become a better facepuncher. You can go at it alone, but the weird somewhat-online nature of the game will allow you to either help or hinder others, as well as team up and take on the AI enemies in groups. You’ll get experience points when you punch enough faces, which will help you improve your attributes.

If you become good at punching faces, you’ll get a chance to create your own school of combat and let others join as your proteges. If you decide to go all Miyagi, you’ll be able to share your combat moves with your pupils, and maybe make them wash your car. Definitely smack them around with newspaper when they don’t behave. New players are probably going to have to rely on this at least to some extent – although it seems like there’s nothing simpler than connecting a face with a fist, the game actually has quite an intricate move/attack system.

Even though the game’s not out yet, the devs are already planning free conent updates based on beta feedback. This includes features like ranked matches (that one was kind of obvious, no?), 3 vs 3 matches, and a spectator mode, presumably for arena-type affairs and similar.

Absolver is going to be relased tomorrow, on August 29th. It’s coming to PC and Playstation 4 – there’s no word of an Xbox One port at this point.

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