Street Fighter V Menat New DLC Character Reveal Trailer Released

Street Fighter V is getting a new DLC character. This time, it’s a brand new fighter, Menat. The new character will drop on August 29th, along with the 30th anniversary costumes for other characters. Her main weapon are the translucent orbs that she can leave around the stage and use them to keep the opponent in the air and deliver some truly devastating juggles.

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Street Fighter V Menat New DLC Character Reveal Trailer Released
Street Fighter V Menat New DLC Character Reveal Trailer Released

Fans of Street Fighter V can look forward to getting a brand new character, and very soon. Menat will be joining the fray on August 29th. On the same date, the players will also be able to enjoy the special 30th anniversary edition costumes for other characters.

To be fair, this isn’t a premiere appearance for Menat in Street Fighter as a character, but this is the first time that she’ll participate as a fighter. Before this, she appeared in Ed’s story mode, as an Egyptian fortune teller. Appropriately enough, it seems that her main strategy revolves around what looks like crystal balls. She can manipulate them around the arena and use them to knock the opponent around. It looks like these orbs can help control the stage, and also chain together combos and juggles. She’s also very fast, and I have a feeling that Menat will become a pretty big headache for opponents.

Menat has three different costumes. Aside from the standard one, there’s also the Story costume, which gives her a hood, and the Battle costume, which presents her wrapped like a mummy and wearing an Egyptian queen’s crown.

You can get Menat as a part of the Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Pass, along with Akuma, Ed, Kolin, Abigail, and one TBD character, which will set you back $30, or separately, for $6. You can take a gander at Menat’s reveal trailer and see her in action in the video below.

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