Agents of Mayhem Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

Volition have released a new trailer for Agents of Mayhem, their upcoming third person shooter. Bad vs. Evil, as the video is called, sheds a bit more light on the characters we’ll get to use and fight against. It’s nothing new, and certainly no thrilling gameplay footage. However, they did announce a release date near the end of it, so there’s that.

agents of mayhem release date
Agents of Mayhem release date

According to the video, Agents of Mayhem is going to be released on August 18th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s something of a spiritual successor to the Saints Row series – it takes place within the same universe, but in a different place with a different cast of characters. Hopefully there’s more of a connection than just painting everything purple and stamping it with a fleur-de-lis.

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The game will let you lead a band of mercenaries hired by Ultor, to fight against Doctor Babylon and his army of goons in Seoul. He seems to have a bone to pick with “governments and global corporations”. You’ll be able to switch characters on the fly, taking three on every mission – each one will come with different abilities, making them useful in different situations. It’s going to be open world, and it’s going to allow you to upgrade & customize your agents.

It seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on combat, which definitely wasn’t the strongest part of Saints Row. Let’s just hope they’ve tightened up the shooting and kept their old writers onboard. We haven’t seen enough of the characters to discern whether they’ve got the charm and wit of the Third Street Saints.

The video also revealed a piece of day-one DLC with six character skins, called Legal Action Pending. It makes one of the characters look like a poor man’s Iron Man.

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