Pokemon GO Trainers Caught 589 Million Magikarp During Water Festival

The Pokemon Go Water Festival is officially over. During the event, trainers had the chance to catch huge amounts of water Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. It seems that players jumped at the chance. Niantic released a tweet, i which they congratulate players for catching a staggering 589 million Magikarp during the Water Festival.

Pokemon GO Trainers Caught 589 Million Magikarp During Water Festival
Pokemon GO Trainers Caught 589 Million Magikarp During Water Festival

Just to bring everyone up to speed, the Water Festival was the latest event in Pokemon GO. While it was happening, Water type Pokemon spawned at a very increased rate. Trainers all across the world jumped at the opportunity to complete their Pokedex with any Water Pokemon that they might have been missing, including the Shiny Magikarp. We didn’t even need an April Fool’s event, since a lot of those turned out to be Dittos in disguise, but that’s a different story.

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However, one figure Niantic recently released might be the most jaw-dropping thing about the whole event. Trainers certainly were busy, making the most of the nicer weather. Check out the embedded tweet from the Pokemon GO Twitter to see what I mean.

That is… truly a lot of Magikarp. It’ll be interesting to see how this will affect the meta of the game in the coming days. Considering how many Magikarp people caught, I wouldn’t be surprised if gyms start getting run over by Shiny Gyarados. Though, to be fair, there are more powerful Pokemon in the game right now, such as the pain that is Blissey. If you need help defeating those, take a look at our How to Beat Blissey in Pokemon GO guide.

How did you fare in the Water festival? How many Magikarp did you catch? Share your impressions in the comments!

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