Agony Won't Get Adult PC Censored Content Patch For Legal Reasons

The developers of Agony, the upcoming horror game set in Hell, have announced that they’re canceling the PC patch that would add in all the censored content. However, the amount of censored content really amounts to nothing, considering how much… interesting stuff is still in the game.

Agony Won't Get Adult PC Censored Content Patch For Legal Reasons
Agony Won’t Get Adult PC Censored Content Patch For Legal Reasons

Like I’ve said before, Agony seems to be trying very, very hard to be That Game. The one that gets the public in a frenzy about the violence and depravity in video games. The game is apparently so gory and, I guess, transgressive, that they were planning to release a patch that would put in the censored content. The patch would only come for the PC version, presumably because Sony and Microsoft have a tighter stranglehold on content for their consoles.

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Unfortunately for all of you that wanted to experience Agony in its fullest, that patch won’t be seeing the light of day after all, due to some undisclosed legal issues. However, according to the developers’ note on Steam, that won’t impact the game a lot, if at all. According to them: “The censorship now affects only several seconds from two endings (out of seven) and some scenes that may be unlocked only after the end of the game.” The developers promise to release a comparison video on May 30th to show the difference between the censored and uncensored version.

I know some of you will probably get upset regardless of the scope of censorship. However, the developers make it clear that, if they didn’t go through with this, the game would be banned, and they would be facing a lawsuit. And, don’t worry, there’s still a lot in Agony to unpack, including gore, “brutal sex scenes”, “genital physics”, eye gouging, heart plucking, and so on. You can check out a slice of the gameplay for Agony below.

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