Star Citizen Legatus Pack Costs 27000 Dollars, Unlocks Almost All Ships

Star Citizen is now offering the Legatus Pack, which contains 117 ships and a very long list of extra items. Seems like a pretty enticing deal. The only potential problem with it is the 27.000 dollar price tag. You can’t even see the contents unless you’ve already spent 1000 dollars on Star Citizen.

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Star Citizen Legatus Pack Costs 27000 Dollars, Unlocks Almost All Ships
Star Citizen Legatus Pack Costs 27000 Dollars, Unlocks Almost All Ships

I think even the team behind Star Citizen has lost count as to how any millions of dollars they’ve raised so far. Ever since funding for the game began a few years back, players have eagerly flocked to throw money at it. And, I can’t really blame them. I completely understand the allure of such a crazy detailed and in-depth space simulator. And, in a long streak of various content packs and selling plots of virtual land at 100 bucks a piece, Star Citizen has really outdone itself with the Legatus Pack.

The Star Citizen Legatus Pack costs an absolutely staggering 27.000 dollars. Let me spell that out: twenty-seven thousand dollars. That’s quite a chunk of change there, Star Citizen, if you don’t mind me saying so. You can buy the Legatus Pack on the website, but here’s the kicker: you can’t see the contents if you haven’t already spent a thousand dollars or more on Star Citizen. So, if you really want the Legatus Pack, that’s 28.000 dollars at the very least. Fortunately, MMOPulse contacted Star Citizen customer service, and they managed to find out what you get for the eye-popping amount of money that Legatus Pack demands.

For one, you’ll get a grand total of 117 ships, which is apparently almost every single one in the game. On top of that, you’ll get 163 different extra items, such as skins, fuel pods, service equipment, and so on. Is it worth forking out over 27.000 dollars? Well, that’s entirely up to you, I guess.

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    Joe Blobers

    For information, this package is NOT intended to individual (even if anyone could get one) but to Org. It was created on an Orh Leader request.

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