Akshan LoL - New Champion Coming In Sentinels Of Light League Of Legends

A new LoL Sentinels of Light champion is coming to League of Legends – Akshan. LoL developer Riot Games have teased the existence of this character in their new Ruination web puzzle. This is a three-step puzzle, and once you solve it, a picture of several Champions, including a brand new one – presumably Akshan – will be visible. This new character is visible in the bottom-right part of the picture. He is wielding a weapon or device that appears to be a grappling hook of some sort. At the bottom of the page it says “Sentinels of Light.” According to a recent official LoL account tweet: “The flames of Ruin ignite in Rise of the Sentinels, coming July 8.”

Akshan LoL - New Champion Coming In Sentinels Of Light League Of Legends

Who is Akshan The New LoL Champion

We still don’t know much about this new characters, but there are several things that point to this being his name. First of all, “Akshan” was the final answer to the third Ruination web puzzle, after which the picture gets revealed. Secondly, fans have managed to decipher the HTML code of that picture and here they found the following letter: “To the Sentinels. In the event of my death, I appoint Akshan as my successor, to inherit my weapon and keep Shurima protected from the forces of undeath. May you one day find us, Shadya.”

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Below the “Sentinels of Light” there are logos of other popular Riot Games properties. A big surprise here is the inclusion of the Valorant logo. Of course, this is just pure speculation on our part, but it could very well point to some sort of crossover event between League of Legends and Valorant. It would be very interesting to see how that would turn out. In any case, we will keep you posted with new LoL and Akshan-related news as soon as we have more information.

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