Aliens Colonial Marines Mod Fixes Alien AI By Removing Misspelling

A modder of Aliens Colonial Marines has uncovered a single typo that appears to have been causing a lot of the enemy AI issues. A single letter removed from the code suddenly fixes a lot of problems, and apparently the xenomorphs start acting much more intelligently and menacingly.

Aliens Colonial Marines Mod Fixes Alien AI By Removing Misspelling
Aliens Colonial Marines Mod Fixes Alien AI By Removing Misspelling

When it came out back in 2013, Aliens Colonial Marines was one of the most hotly anticipated titles at the time. The marketing department certainly did their job right, with slices of gameplay that showed fast-paced battles against quick and intelligent xenomorphs. The game failed to fulfill any of those promises. It was a complete disaster. The gameplay sequences from the promotional material were either dumbed down outright missing. One of the worst aspects was the terrible AI, which rendered the aliens a complete non-threat a lot of the time. Which brings us to today, and how a modder fixed the AI by removing a single letter form an INI file.

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Years after release, Aliens Colonial Marines is basically back in the pillory stocks. Modder going by the name jamesdickinson963 found a little misspelling in a single line of code that apparently takes care of a lot of the enemy AI issues. As in, they finally start acting like xenomorphs. The offending line of code should be in the following config file: My Document\My Games\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\Config\PecanEngine.ini. Here’s how it goes in its original form: ClassRemapping=PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachXenoToTether -> PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachPawnToTeather. Look closely; see the problem?

That’s right. The ending should say Tether, not Theater. All you have to do is erase that extra “A”. All of a sudden, you’ll see the xenomorphs start to act much more menacingly and, more importantly, logically. So, if you’re still pining for the game that Aliens Colonial Marines could have been, then you now know what to do.

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