We Happy Few New Trailer: Always be Cheerful Is Truly Disconcerting

We Happy Few is the upcoming survival game from Compulsion Games and Gearbox. It puts you into a disturbing dystopian world where being happy is an obligation. Those who aren’t, the Downers are social outcasts. Your job will be to survive in a very hostile world, and possibly even bring down the establishment.

We Happy Few New Trailer: Always be Cheerful Is Truly Disconcerting
We Happy Few New Trailer: Always be Cheerful Is Truly Disconcerting

The world of We Happy Few is a truly unsettling one. Imagine a scenario in which all citizens have to be happy all the time, forced to take a drug called Joy, and the so-called downers are social outcasts. Sure, it’s not the most novel concept in dystopian fiction, but it sounds like it could work like a charm in the gaming medium. Plus, the odd sixties-like vibe and the creepy masks everyone wears only add to the feeling of extreme unease. It’s a disturbing universe, and the new trailer, the ABCs of Happiness, only serves to underline it.

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The trailer showcases glimpses of the gameplay in a very clever way. Basically, the patient in the asylum is likely the player character, going through the events that transpired after they became a Downer. It gives us hints as to the larger universe of We Happy Few, in an aftermath of some apocalyptic war, as well as the aforementioned bits of gameplay. We can see the crafting and some survival elements, as well as combat, both melee and ranged using explosives. You’re all alone in a very hostile world, and you’ll have to survive at any cost, which might cause some very gray moral choices.

We Happy Few is coming out in a few weeks, on August 10th. You’ll be able to pick it up on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. I might have a look into it at some point, because I love dystopian stories. On the other hand, I truly hate survival-heavy games, so that might hamper my enjoyment.

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