The Amazing Eternals is Warframe Devs' Next Game

The Amazing Eternals is the new game from Digital Extremes, the team behind space ninja shooter Warframe. You may have heard about it under the codename Keystone, but now we’ve finally got its real name, some more info and a glossy trailer to look at. Enjoy!

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amazing eternals announcement
The Amazing Eternals announcement

It’s a first person multiplayer shooter with a strong ’70s B-movie vibe, and yes, deck building. Because it’s 2017, the Year of the Deck. Everything has to have cards in it now. Shooters. Sports games. Strategy games. Even my microwave has a deck building mode. To be fair, The Amazing Eternals is actually about a bunch of people getting sucked into a board game, Jumanji style, so it kinda fits the theme. I’ll allow it.

The cards represent abilities, weapons and tools – by building your deck, you basically customize your loadout, deciding what to wear to battle, and what to leave behind. There doesn’t seem to be more to it than that. They’re cards because it fits the theme, and because it’s 2017. It’s a wonder that there’s still stuff left that isn’t cards.

It has been in closed alpha for a while now, and the devs are planning to open the floodgates very soon, at least partially. They’re going to start selling founders’ packs, which will allow you to participate in the beta, voice your highly regarded opinion, get some exclusive gear and such. The beta starts on August 29th, which is when the packs will go on sale. If you want in, but don’t want to pay, you can sign up on the website and hope you’re chosen for the trip to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. It’s going to go free to play at some point, naturally, so if you’re patient, you can just grab it once it’s out for real.

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