Prey Now Has A Free Trial on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Not a Demo)

Prey, the space station exploration game from Arkane Studios, now has a free trial for players who haven’t tried the game yet. It’s the first time PC players can check it out for free, while the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions are ditching the demo they had before in favor of this trial.

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Prey from Demo to Free Trial on PS4 Xbox One and PC
Prey Now Has A Free Trial on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Not a Demo)

To start playing the Prey trial on Steam, head to the game’s store page. Look for a button labeled “download demo” on the right side of the screen. Click on it, and gremlins will take care of the rest.

The difference between the demo that was already available on consoles and the trial is minimal. They are both the same in terms of duration. If you’ve played it before, you’ll remember it by the closed Hardware Labs doors. Basically, the game won’t progress until one point in the story, and you’ll be left to explore the area before the locked doors for all eternity.

The thing the trial has, and the demo didn’t, is the option to transfer your progress into the full game if you decide to buy it. With the trial version, you can retain all the progress you’ve made, along with any trophies or achievements unlocked during that time.

The trial comes with all the recent updates, including patch 1.05 that fixed PlayStation 4 stuttering. This update had more than thirty fixes and tweaks.

Prey is an action sci-fi FPS published by Bethesda Softworks. It is a game we’ve had a lot of fun playing, and you can read all about it in Serge’s Prey review.

If you decide it’s worth your money, and you choose to buy it before August 29th, you’ll even save some money. It’s currently on sale with a 50% discount. Be sure to take advantage of it if you intend to purchase the game.

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