American McGee wants Fans’ Help in Pitching a Third Alice Game to EA

If you loved the old American McGee’s Alice games, then you’re in luck. After a couple of successful Kickstarter projects (a card game and an animated short) the writer is planning a third game in his series and wants to pitch it to EA.

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Out of the Woods was the second successful Kickstarter since acquiring the rights.

However, he thinks his fans will be able to help him out. Mainly by tweeting about it, posting about it, writing about it and signing up for mailing lists for regular updates on the project. This should give McGee ammunition to prove to EA that there is demand for a third entry in his macabre series.

A few months ago, the developer told his fans to direct their inquiries about the game to EA, as he has no direct control over the situation. This seems to be an outgrowth of that plea, as he’s clearly interested in harnessing the fandom’s interest in the sequel.

The first entry in the series had its debut in 2000, with Windows-only American McGee’s Alice. The game soared on the charts and received broad critical acclaim. There was even talk of Wes-Craven-Directed movie adaptation, but that project fell through. Part two, “Alice: Madness Returns,” was released in 2011, on Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3. And the original was (in an interesting twist) ported to the consoles. However, despite the good reviews, the sequel didn’t generate as much buzz as the original game.

Now, just as his Kickstarter for “Out of the Woods” card game has completed, American McGee has announced the next chapter in Alice’s twisted adventures under the working title “Alice: Asylum.” He also included an option to pledge some money to the project via PayPal, as well as a mailing list so fans can receive updates about the game.