Among Us Coming to Xbox - 15 Player Lobbies

Gaming news are flying all over the place right now, and Among Us is no exception, as it turns out. The most recent reveals include that Among Us is coming to Xbox and getting 15 player lobbies. There is no exact launch date for the Xbox version of the game, but we do know when the fifteen-player lobbies are arriving – June 15th, right in time for the game’s third birthday. Plus, you’ll get six new colors to choose from.

among us coming to xbox 15 player lobbies
Among Us Coming to Xbox – 15 Player Lobbies

15 Player Lobbies & Xbox Version of Among Us Coming Soon

Fifteen-players lobbies are coming to Among Us on June 15th, as we’ve already mentioned. Not only that, but there will be six more colors that you can choose – maroon, coral, tan, banana, rose, and gray. I have to say, they don’t really seem to pop like the ones we’ve had so far, but still, it’s neat to have some more options. I will never let go of cyan, however, but that’s a different matter. The best part of the fifteen-player lobbies is that having three Imposters will finally make sense; having three killers in a ten-player team was just way overpowered with standard settings. With the new update, we’ll be able to have three-Imposter mayhem without having to impose some kind of handicap on them. Also, fifteen people in chat are gonna be a glorious mess.

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As for when Among us is coming to Xbox, or consoles in general, we don’t know for certain at this point. We just know that both the Xbox version of the game is likely coming at some point this year. I’ve seen some people speculate that Among Us will also launch on Xbox One and Series S/X on June 15th, but there’s been no official confirmation. Also, there’s a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 port in the works; there’s even some whispers about platform-exclusive Ratchet and Clank cosmetics, but we’ll have to wait and see about that. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for the fifteen-player lobby below.

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