Apex Legends April Fools 2022, OL Nessie Gun and Badge

Apex Legends April Fools 2022 event has started and brought many interesting things to do. First you can grab Nessie badge, but also OL Nessie gun and some crazy ammunition. Players should solve the April Fools Mystery, destroy some monster eggs and have fun. So, let’s see what you can expect in this year’s Apex Legends April Fools 2022 event.

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Apex Legends April Fools Day 2022

Apex Legends April Fools 2022

Update: April Fools Day Event is alive! Your first reward is the Nessie Badge. Also it’s time to solve the April Fools mystery in Apex Legends: There have been strange reports of monsters and weird eggs appearing in the Apex Games. Go check it out and report back legends.

You’ll come across strange monster eggs. Destroy them and pick up Ol’ Nessie gun. It’s a strange gun that fires Nessie monsters. Thanks NitroSpirits and SargeStone123.

OLD Post: Last year’s April Fools brought Gold Mozambique and some not so interesting changes such as more damage on ziplines. According to Shrugtal we’ll not wait for a long time since the April Fools event in Apex Legends will start in a few hours, at 6PM BST (7PM CET, 10AM PDT, 1PM EDT). Another interesting info according to Garret is that the event will last for 3 days. While searching through thousands of posts on twitter we came across different very interesting ideas. Some players think that Nessie the monster will be involved, while others can’t imagine April Fools Day without spiders.

The April fools gun is gonna be a “NESSIE_GUN” and it’s gonna have the “Weapon_Spider_Jungle” model, with some projectile effects called “P_spider_web_proj”/”spider_web”

On the other hand, Ian Holsted a gameplay programmer for Apex Legends, replied on Biast12 twitter post that today’s prank will not be related to spiders. So, one mystery is cleared! And that’s about all we know about today’s event. We’ll just have to wait for the event to start and see what happens.

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