Apex Legends Iron Crown Event Cosmetics Anger Player Base

The prices of the Iron Crown event cosmetics in Apex Legends have really ticked off the fans. And, when you look at the situation, there’s absolutely no doubt that the rage is completely justified. Because, when you break it down, you’d have to sink truly mind-boggling amounts of money for some of these items.

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Apex Legends Iron Crown Event Cosmetics Anger Player Base
Apex Legends Iron Crown Event Cosmetics Anger Player Base

Let’s try and make some sense of this mess, shall we? So, first off, in order to get all these items, you have to open all 24 Iron Crown packs, at 700 Coins each, which amounts to $7 a pop. You can earn a grand total of two packs for completing some challenges in the game, so you “only” have to buy 22 packs. According to Reddit user HerpMcHerp, that adds up to around $145 to get every item ($160 according to PC Gamer). And, even if you want only some items, you’ll still have to spend a bunch of money and pray to RNGesus.

Then, we have the Raven’s Bite skin, which is a Heirloom-quality skin for Bloodhound. To unlock that, you first have to acquire all the Iron Crown stuff. On top of that, you have to shell out even more money in order to purchase the item itself. How much money? About $40 or so. In summation, depending on what rate your buying Coins at, we’re looking at anywhere between $170 to nearly $200 for a lousy skin. That gets my blood boiling, and I don’t even play the game.

But wait, it gets worse. Wraith’s three Heirloom cosmetics are all in your run-of-the-mill Apex packs. Those are only a buck each. That’s not too bad, right? Well, according to that same PC Gamer article, those items have less than a 1% drop rate. On the other hand, they guarantee that you’ll get one in every 500 packs. So, to get just one of these items, if you’ve displeased the RNG gods, you might theoretically have to spend $500. On a cosmetic. Dear God.

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