Biomutant Most Expensive Special Atomic Edition Will Cost $399

The Atomic Edition of Biomutant is gonna be the most expensive one. It’s gonna set you back four hundred dollars, American. Quite the investment. To be fair, you do get a whole bunch of physical stuff, including a mousepad, a highly-detailed diorama, a T-shirt, the game’s soundtrack, and much more.

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Biomutant Most Expensive Special Atomic Edition Will Cost $399
Biomutant Most Expensive Special Atomic Edition Will Cost $399

Now, I’m not one to encourage this kind of spending on anything sight-unseen. But, hey, I’m also not gonna tell you how to live your life. If you want to spend 400 bucks on Biomutant, have at it. For your money, you’ll get the game, the soundtrack, a steelbook case, and A1 artwork on fabric (basically a fabric poster). Also, an oversized mousepad (80cm x 35cm, or 31″ x 14″), a T-shirt tat comes in either L or XL, and a high-detail diorama of a Biomutant battling one of the monsters from the game. Also, a big ole premium box to put the whole thing in.

Now, if the Atomic Edition would break your bank, there’s the Collector’s Edition. I know, you’d think that the Collector’s Edition would be the highest tier, but there you have it. Anyways, this version contains the game, the soundtrack, a smaller figurine of just a Biomutant, and the A1 artwork on fabric. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the premium box, smaller though it may be than the one from the Atomic Edition. This bundle will cost you $109 bucks on PC and $119 on consoles.

Biomutant does not yet have a release date. The only thing we know for now is that it’s coming out some time this year, if nothing goes wrong. It’s looking more and more likely that we’ll have to wait until next year, though. Whatever the case, when it does come out, you’ll be able to play it on PC, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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