Bandai Namco Teases New Project With Cryptic Video

Bandai Namco have released a video teaser that somehow relates to their new, unannounced project. It’s an animation “inspired by” their new game, so it might not be representative at all, but it sure is exciting. They’re going to announce the game officialy in a week. Until then, we have this slick, awfully familiar video to keep us company.

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bandai namco new project teaser
Mysterious teaser directed by Lizzi Akana

It starts off with a close-up shot of a woman licking blood from her lips. It transitions to a person breathing heavily under a gas mask, then someone with a bright red cape walking slowly through a ruined church. We can see a monster looking inside through the stained-glass windows before it scurries away. Next up, a woman is standing next to a bonfire which seems to be fueled by a very large skeleton. She gives us a sideways glance, which reveals her red eyes and a mask covering her mouth.

A person bleeds in a dark backalley, smearing their own blood across the wall. They go off-camera, and their shadow shows them going through a horrible transformation. We see a table covered in bloodied playing cards – the ace of spades is missing a corner. A woman is running towards something, using her knife-rifle to cut through monsters. She ends up on the edge of a cliff. A giant monster appears in the distance, greeting her with a disconcerting grin.

The trailer is followed by the words “Prepare to dine”. It might mean it’s a new game from From Software, creators of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series – the latter was published by Namco, and has had its fair share of off-the-mark marketing. It’s also possible Namco’s just yanking our collective chain. We’ll know for sure on April 20th, which is when they’ll announce the game for realsies.

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