Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons - New Color & Battery Packs this Summer

Among a lot of other things, Nintendo announced a few upcoming new things for the Switch during Nintendo Direct. As far as the Joy-Cons are concerned, they’ll be getting a new color in June. You’ll also be able to pick up battery packs in order to add some extra life to your Switch controllers.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons - New Color & Battery Packs this Summer
Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons – New Color & Battery Packs this Summer

During the recent Nintendo Direct event, Nintendo announced some interesting stuff that will be coming our way in the foreseeable future. For example, the release date for Splatoon 2, new Amiibos for various games, and so on. During the event, we also found out that the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons will be getting a new, neon-yellow color. The highlighter-colored controllers will be available for purchase starting with June 16th.

On the same date, Joy-Con battery packs will hit the market. The controllers last about 20 hours after a full charge, which is a pretty solid amount of time. With a battery pack, though, you could probably get another couple of hours. Nintendo hasn’t mentioned anything about how much lifetime battery packs will add. We only know that the packs run on AA batteries. You’ll be able to buy them in pairs; one for each Joy-Con, of course. As you can see in the picture, they add some extra girth to the controller grip. This can make the Joy-Con fit a bit better if you have large hands. Otherwise, they might be a little uncomfortable to use.

Incidentally, you can charge Joy-Cons off the Switch even when it’s not docked. They can take juice from the internal battery. Admittedly, it’ll shorten your undocked playtime quite a bit. Perhaps the battery packs are a better, more practical way to go about it, especially if you don’t want the Charge Grip? Guess we’ll have to wait for Nintendo to reveal some more info before we answer that.

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