Batman Enemy Within Season Finale Trailers Show Two Different Jokers

Telltale Games has released two trailers for the season finale of Batman: The Enemy Within. Both of them are called The Joker is Born, but they feature two very, very different Jokers. From here on out, there will be potential spoilers, so please, do not read further. If you would rather discover Joker’s fate for yourself, stop here.

Batman Enemy Within Season Finale Trailers Show Two Different Jokers
Batman Enemy Within Season Finale Trailers Show Two Different Jokers

The season finale for Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within is coming out on March 27th. To hook you in further, Telltale has released two new trailers. One is called The Joker is Born: Villain, and the other The Joker is Born: Vigilante. As you can surmise from the titles, these two Jokers vary wildly. The only similarity between the two is that, in both cases, your choices will determine Joker’s fate. That part is definitely canon: Batman is the unwitting creator of his biggest nightmare.

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The first version of the Joker, the villain, is very much the Joker we all know and love. He’s the clown prince of crime, using deadly toys and deadly gas to mass-murder people. Alfred even makes sure to mention that Batman’s actions have resulted in John Doe becoming a monster. Interestingly, in this version, it seems that The Joker knows Batman’s true identity from the start, which is a pretty interesting twist.

The Vigilante Joker, on the other hand, is a completely different story. This version of the Joker is something I’ve never seen before. In this branch of the story, The Joker becomes Batman’s sidekick. And, from what I can pick up from the trailer, it goes down about as well as you’d imagine. The Joker might be working with Batman, but he’s still a violent psychopath, and he deals with other villains very brutally. Apparently, it comes to the point where Catwoman, Bane, and even Harley Quinn try to talk sense into Batman. This is a very interesting iteration of The Joker, and I’m definitely very curious about it.

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