Sea of Thieves Crooked Masts Riddle Solutions & Locations

Crooked Masts riddles in Sea of Thieves are one of the puzzles in the game that will reward you with a treasure chest. Some of these riddle will give you a headache, because you’ll have to find a well-hidden grave or painted tentacles that are easy to miss. There is a great possibility of getting stuck at this troublesome journeys, thus why we decided to share with you this guide on how to solve Crooked Masts riddles in Sea of Thieves, and where to find the treasure locations.

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Where is Crooked Masts island

Usually, the first clue in every riddle starts with the rhyme that tells you where to go. This time it’s Crooked Masts island. This big island is hidden in quadrant T-13, way off to the east. On this island you’ll find a lot of chickens and snakes.
Crooked Masts island
Crooked Masts island location – Sea of thieves

Three painted tentacles – riddle #1

One of the first riddles I got from The Gold Hoarders Trading Company in Sea of Thieves took me to this island. The riddle was pretty obvious, and I almost solved it on my ship why I was approaching the island. I saw painted tentacles on a huge rock, and when stepped on the island, my goal was to find three painted tentacles – The chest is close at the three painted tentacles, but you are not done, dig 6 paces West – by North West grab it and run. There are three huge rocks, the painted tentacles are on the smallest one. Once you dig the chest out, four skeletons will attack you, thus be prepared.

Skull Shrine where there is no sky – riddle #2

Once you reach the island, the next rhyme will ask you to look for a Skull Shrine – To the skull shrine where there is no sky, now raise your lantern, raise it high. At first I thought that the shrine will be inside a huge mountain that looks like a skull, but you have to look for a small cave not far from the cost. Inside, you’ll see numerous skulls. Select your lantern, and press right mouse button (LT on the XboX console) to raise it high.

North West grave of the Kraken’s prey – riddle #3

The last step tells you to find a grave – From the North West grave of the Karken’s prey ye are getting near, 7 paces South-by-South East and shovel here. I searched quite a while before I realized which grave is the correct one. In the center of the island, look for a grave near rock, with lantern next to it. Only on this grave you’ll see a painted tentacle and a skull.

Gallows between the Peaks – riddle #4

Full Description: Find the gallows between the peaks, this riddle bewitches, 6 paces South East, will your shovel strike box of riches?

This is probably one of the easiest riddles out there, at least when it comes to Crooked Masts. When you reach the island, you’ll notice the two tall peaks on the island. There is a wooden bridge that connects the higher parts. If you look below this bridge, on the ground level, you can spot the gallows mentioned in the riddle. The gallows are small, and might be hard to spot from a greater distance, but as you come close to the center of the island, it becomes clear.

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