Battlerite Early Access Free Weekend From July 13-16

Battlerite, a PvP team arena brawler, has a free weekend that lasts from July 13-16. If you feel like trying out a new game, and you don’t already own this one, be sure to step up and do it for free during its Early Access stage. If it you end up liking the game, you can even buy it with a 33% discount, although it’s set to be free-to-play in the upcoming months.

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Play Battlerite Early Access For Free Until The Monday July 17
Battlerite Early Access Free Weekend From July 13-16

Battlerite is a game developed and published by Stunlock Studios. It is no wonder that it is a spiritual successor to its predecessor Bloodline Champions, a game that was released back in 2011, and which was developed by the same studio.

In Battlerite, players face each other in a 2v2 and 3v3 PvP arena. You take control of one of several champions, in an attempt to come out victorious in an intense action match. The champions have decent designs, and are well-balanced.

The game has been on Steam since September 20, 2016. It is in early access stage, with plans to go out of it soon enough. The $20 price gives you access to all heroes – both current and future ones. The game comes with a discount of 33%, making it $14 for the duration of the free weekend. As was mentioned earlier, the game will go into free-to-play mode for its next open beta stage. It is bound to happen in the coming months. Some reports say it is in August or late 2017.

The game is currently available only for the PC. The console release is planned for Xbox One sometime in 2018.

The free weekend offer lasts until Monday, or, to be more specific, it ends on Sunday, July 16th, at 1 PM Pacific Time. The 33% discount offer ends almost a day later, on Monday, July 17th at 10 AM Pacific Time.

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