Bayonetta Sold Over 100 Thousand Copies on Steam in a Week

Bayonetta, the hack-and-slasher by Platinum Games, sold over 100.000 digital copies via Steam. The game made it to the platform on April 11th after being available on consoles since 2009. If Steam reviews are to be trusted, the game seems to be holding up really well even after all these years.

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Bayonetta Sold Over 100 Thousand Copies on Steam in a Week
Bayonetta Sold Over 100 Thousand Copies on Steam in a Week

The whole Bayonetta-on-PC thing started of as an April Fool’s joke. Capcom released an 8-bit version of Bayonetta on Steam. Fairly quickly, players figured out that the achievements were clues pointing to a promotional site with a countdown. And, if you increased the brightness, you’d see an old Bayonetta promotional photo.

What this all turned out to be was basically a breadcrumb trail to announce Bayonetta on PC. The game became available on Steam, which certainly delighted many fans, since a lot of them had long since moved on to the new generation of consoles, especially since the sequel was a Wii-U exclusive somehow. Bringing Bayonetta to PC also brought in a host of PC-only newcomers.

However, the initial sales are a bit surprising for a game that’s almost eight years old. A weeks after it went live on Steam, the game sold 102,120 copies as of now, according to SteamSpy. It currently stands at a 9/10 user score on the platform, suggesting that the game is certainly holding up quite well.

The famous hack-and slasher was developed by Platinum Games (creators of Nier: Automata and Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance) and released in 2009 for all consoles at the time. Even then, it was praised by audiences and critics alike. Most compared it to Devil May Cry (yeah, remember that?). They noted that Bayonetta had much better combat, even though it was even mroe over-the-top ridiculous. If these Steam figures are anything to go by, they were right.

Other than Steam, the first Bayonetta is available on the last console generation – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Wii-U.

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