Bayonetta’s April Fool’s joke turns out to be something different

Bayonetta is a 3rd person action game developed by Platinum Games and released on Xbox 360 and Playstion 3 back in 2010. The sequel became a Wii U exclusive in 2014 and was published alongside the original. Both games have received high critical acclaim and the only sad part was that they were never released on PC.

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bayonetta 2
Bayonetta has been a source of controversy due to its main character being freely sexualized, which drew both praise and criticism.

Last weekend it was Sega, the publisher of Bayonetta, who came up with an 8-bit Bayonetta game on Steam. It was considered an April Fool’s joke – until people started figuring things out. It turned out that the achievements were actually clues that pointed players in the direction of a new teaser site. Unfortunately, the site has a countdown until April 10 or 11, depending on your timezone. However, the Internet would not be as great a place if someone had not already figured it out – if you turn up the brightness of your screen, you should be able to see an image that can be traced to an old Bayonetta promotional image. If we did not know better, we would say that Sega is finally bringing Bayonetta to PC!

It remains to be seen whether this will be a full-bloodied remake or just a bit of HD make-up put on the game. Platinum Games have recently been in the news due to the quality of their latest endeavour, NieR: Automata, but also because it had some issues in the PC version.

A simple deduction says that the whole April Fool’s thing being exclusive to Steam points out to a PC-only release. And seeing how both the Sony and Microsoft have had the game on their platforms already, the hopes for the original Bayonetta finally appearing on PC are higher than ever. It could even be a double take, just like they did for Nintendo Wii U. As always, we will follow this piece of news with great care and get back to you.


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