The Binding of Isaac Booster Rooster 2, Secret Project Teased

The developers of The Binding of Isaac have released a new booster, called Booster Rooster #2. The booster features a bunch of new in-game powers and cosmetic items. On top of that, we got an update on the new project the devs have been working on. The title and release date should be announced soon, and it seems like it’s gonna be fun.

The Binding of Isaac Booster Rooster 2, Secret Project Teased
The Binding of Isaac Booster Rooster 2, Secret Project Teased

The Binding of Isaac community can now pick up the various little new stuff from Booster Rooster 2, as was announced by the developers in a new post. Yes, the devs promised that they’ll be coming out on a monthly basis, but it seems that a bi-monthly schedule is more manageable. You can check out the list of new stuff in Booster Rooster 2 below.

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  • Moving Box – by Tim l’enchanteur
  • Telepathy – by Eufuu
  • Tech 0 – by Ashkait & Scayze
  • Jumper Cables – by Ashkait & Scayze
  • Coupon – by Plumbo
  • Leprosy – inspired by Extreme Ninja Home Makeover (redesigned by me)
  • Filigree Feather – by Me

The new Booster Rooster also has some “fun cosmetic extras”:

  • Bomb Stacking – by S-body
  • Visible Jar of Flies – by Stewartisme
  • Dressing Table – by Sinsthar (Dressing Table will appear in the starting room when you have above X items and allows you to refresh your look as you see fit)

In the booster, there’s also the developer’s “first attempt at Angel Room balancing”. There’s also mention of a little something else… or is it something large?

Another detail very much worth mentioning is that the post announces that the developers are finishing up their new, secret project. They’ll be announcing both the new IP and the release date soon. According to them, the game will have amazing controls and will be very large level desing-wise. It’ll be hard, weird and personal. Sounds like we’ll be in for a fun ride.

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