Sneaky rumors about Thief – a game and a film in the making

The 2014’s Thief was met with mixed reviews, but it was still early enough in the new console generation that it did not really have the opportunity to spread its wings. Now, we might have a double feature – rumors claim there is a new Thief game in development, but also a movie.

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Thief’s dark atmosphere could lend itself to a successful film adaptation.

Square Enix have already said that they didn’t have anything to announce at this time, however, that is just boring! Because Straigh Up Films actually have a page that talks about this very film, and it mentions the game as well!

First a few words on the film:

Widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever created, a fifth sequel is currently in development to be released in step with this motion picture adaptation. Steeped in the steam-punk world created by the video game, the film will tell a new chapter in the storied world of the series’ hero.

There Square, was that so hard? Now, what about the game, you might ask yourselves? The same page mentions that “a fifth sequel is currently in development to be released in step with this motion picture adaptation”. Holy announcements, Batman, these guys are killing it! The script is written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes.

As always, this type of thing is either a PR nightmare or a nice way to start some groundswell regarding your new game. Or, why not both? Be that as it may, it will be interesting to see what the developers have in store for us. Some seminal games came out after Thief, including The Witcher 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn. And speaking of the same genre, there is Hitman, MGS V, Dishonored 2. Thief’s ambitions have to take into consideration that gamers have been spoilt for choice – and act accordingly.


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