Biomutant Is Alive And Kicking, It Also Has A New Gameplay Video

Do you remember Biomutant? The game was announced back in 2015. It has some kind of anthropomorphic animal as the main hero, like in the 90s. It also has colorful visuals and fast-paced arcade combat. At least it had, the last time we’ve heard about it. The game was all over the news half a decade ago and then it suddenly disappeared. We haven’t heard anything about it for years until developers assured fans that the game is still in development, back in February. Fast forward a few months and we’ve got a brand new gameplay video that shows the game’s combat and more.

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Biomutant Features Fast-Paced Combat, Gorgeous Open World, And Slick Visuals


The video is a bit hard to watch because it’s filled with various content that’s all over the place. You’ve got pretty nice-looking combat along with Zelda-like visuals, just more detailed. The combat includes ranged and melee weapons but also some cool acrobatic moves. It seems that the world of Biomutant is some form of post-apocalyptic Earth where animals have mutated into various anthropomorphous forms. The main character can ride their horse across the gorgeous world while fighting epic enemies between horse rides.

This all looks cool and all, but we were pretty confused after watching the gameplay video. Luckily, there’s an interview with developers where they talk about the actual game. Anyway, there’s not one Biomutant. You can create your own character from one of six tribes that have unique looks and abilities. After you create your unique character the game world awaits you.

The game features plenty of bosses. It seems that there are four large chunks of the world to explore, each with its own end game boss. We didn’t find out anything about the story, the origin of these human-like animals, or why the world looks like it suffered through multiple apocalypses. We hope that Experiment 101 will soon share more about the story and that we will find out about the release date sometime in the future because Biomutant looks pretty good.


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