Blasphemous Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Under One Day

Blasphemous, the new game by The Game Kitchen, has reached and surpassed their initial Kickstarter goal. The game is a pixelated metroidvania game, heavily inspired by the Dark Souls visual style. Blasphemous is still in development, set to launch in 2019. The Kickstarter is still ongoing, if you want to chip in.

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Blasphemous Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Under One Day
Blasphemous Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Under One Day

The Game Kitchen, developers of the critically-acclaimed The Last Door, is coming back with a new game. Their new project, Blasphemous, is a pixelated 2-D metroidvania game with a lot of stylistic ques from Dark Souls and Game Kitchen’s native Seville. The game is currently in development, and it has its own Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign has garnered a lot of attention and reached its initial goal of $50.000 in under 24 hours. It’s still going strong, and further stretch goals have been added. For now, there isn’t any set launch date, but they’re aiming for the first quarter of 2019.

From what we’ve seen on the Blasphemous Kickstarter page, the game looks gorgeous. There’s a lot of detail, and the backgrounds look amazing. The developers promise that the game will have a very deep story which they’ll tell visually, through how the world looks and works.

In Blasphemous, you play as The Penitent One, the last remaining member of the Silent Sorrow congregation. You fight through the nightmarish, land of Orthodoxia (just roll with it) during the Age of Corruption. The whole land has been overrun by religious figures gone mad. You’ll fight all manners of misshapen creatures and horrifying, lovecraftian bosses. You can check out the Kickstarter trailer for Blasphemous below.

Currently, Blasphemous is planned for Windows, OSX and Linux. However, Game Kitchen has plans to port it over to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and maybe even PS Vita. They’ll be introducing further stretch goals to finance the ports soon.

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