Into the Breach errors, crashes, not starting, doesn't save

Into the Breach has launched a few hours ago with extremely high Metacritic’s Metascore of 92. Players are enjoying randomly generated challenges and gigantic creatures, but some have problems with various technical issues and features not working as intended. Some of these Into the Breach crashes and errors can be solved easily, while others are more complicated and are spoiling the game, and maybe we’ll have to wait for a patch. In the list below we covered some of issues and if you are looking for a solution, take a look at the following conclusions:

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Into the Breach errors crashes not starting
Into the Breach Errors, Crashes & Known Issues

Into the Breach Not Starting / Crashing

Several people have complained about the game not starting, only a white screen pops up with a message – Breach.exe has stopped working. If you have the same problem try the following solutions:

  • Go to graphic card settings and switching everything to use application settings
  • Turn HDR off in your computer settings.
  • DON’T try playing in a window fullscreen
  • Try rebooting Steam
  • Restart your computer
  • Check your graphics card drivers, in case you’ve not updated them recently
  • Verify the game cache using Steam (right click->properties->local files->verify game cache)

Into the Breach Doesn’t save

If the game doesn’t save any progression or achievements with the following errors: “Settings couldn’t save!Updating Steam Server w/ Achievement Data” or “Settings couldn’t save!SDL Error: Couldn’t open C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Games\Into The Breach\settings.lua” you should check if My Games\Into the Breach exists as a folder and make it manually if it doesn’t.

It seems that the problem also exists if Windows User Name is written on different language than English. In that case the path C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Games\Into The Breach will not be in English and the game can’t find the folder. In this case you should follow instructions on this page – and contact developers.

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