Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure Map II Location - Monastery Grave

Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure Map II is a collectible item, found inside a Monastery north from Sasau. It is not like most other maps, which are sold by merchants. In this case, you can find it on a table in a Monastery room. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Treasure Map 2 in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and how to solve it, showing off all the rewards.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure Map II

Treasure Map 2 Paper Clue Location

If you don’t have the map, you can find it inside the Monastery, north from Sasau, in the western part of the game’s map. As you go through the southern Monastery gate, look to your left, and you’ll spot some wooden stairs. Go up and continue forward until you reach the first door on your right, which leads into the Monastery.

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Once inside the upper room, you’ll need to go deeper inside the complex. The goal is to reach the fourth room on your path. This is the tricky part. The first two rooms are accessible without trespassing, but inside the third and fourth, you’ll be treated as an intruder if you ever get caught. However, this is not that big of a problem, as even during the day, there are not a lot of monks here. In any case, be extra careful, and be sure to have a save somewhere close to this point.

As you reach the fourth room, you’ll notice that there is a large canopy bed on the left (north) side. You don’t see it at first, because there is a large yellow curtain, but there is a table next to it. Go around it and pick up the map standing next to a candle and some dirty dishes.

Treasure Map 2 Schematic Kingdom Come Deliverance
Treasure Map 2

Treasure Map II Rewards & Dig Location

The treasure location is rather straightforward from the look of it. This is one of the treasure maps that have the reward end mark close to its source clue.

From the Monastery, head west, following the road. As you get close to the river, you’ll spot a small forest between it and the nearby road. Our goal is to find a grave that is near the middle of this forest. If you count the trees from the bridge towards the south, mark the fifth tree. This is where the grave is located and where you can find the Treasure Map II loot. The grave has some grey rocks around it, and it is hidden from the nearby road with a large amount of foliage.

With the spade in your inventory, you’ll get the opportunity to dig out the following loot items:

  • Decorated riding boots – 647 Groschen worth, 2 weight.
  • Die of mistfortune – 50 Groschen worth, “A playing die that you’d be better off throwing as far as possible.”
  • Groschen – 276 of it.
  • Lazarus Potion – 110 Groschen worth, “After five minutes your health is renewed to the maximum and your hangover is cured”.
  • Milanese plate chausses – 1 200 Groschen worth, 7 weight.
  • Noble cuirass – 2 500 Groschen worth, 6 weight.
  • The Alchemist’s Dream IV – 1 300 Groschen worth, can only be read after achieving level 15, length 40.

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