Breach Release Date & Early Access Launch Revealed

The new and coming action RPG from developer QC Games, called simply Breach, has a release date for the Early Access version of the game. It’s coming out via Steam’s program on January 17th, with the full version of the game coming out some time later in 2019.

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Breach Release Date & Early Access Launch Revealed
Breach Release Date & Early Access Launch Revealed

Breach, the upcoming action RPG that is not to be confused with Into the Breach, now has a launch date. Well, for the most part. We know when the game is going to come out on Steam’s paid Early Access, and the answer is January 17th. The full version of the game is going to come out some time later during this year, at which point the game is turning free-to-play, according to the press release from the developers, QC Games.

So, for those of you that haven’t heard of the Breach yet, what is the game all about? Well, the basic plot is that there are two “Earths”. One is the Earth that we know and arguably love, and the other is chock-full of mythical creatures, such as minotaurs, skeletons, Egyptian gods, and so much more. Your job is to crawl through dungeons, either solo, multiplayer, or versus, where one of you gets to play as the bad guy. There’s a number of different classes to play as (plus, the game features a “customizable open-class system”); basically, the whole thing is a Diablo-like kind of action RPG, just with a few twists of its own.

So, if Breach sounds like your cup of tea, you can visit the game’s Steam page for more info, and to keep up with what’s going on with the game. Of course, we’ll also do our best to keep you updated. Meanwhile, you can check out a short trailer for Breach below, with some quotes from reviewers to whet your appetite.

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