Celeste "Farewell Levels" Coming in 2019 According to Creator

The main man behind this year’s indie hit Celeste, Matt Thorson, has announced that the team is working on new “farewell levels” for the game. Those new levels are going to come out some time in early 2019, and, apparently, they’re going to be really hard. Still, who doesn’t love a challenge?

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Celeste "Farewell Levels" Coming in 2019 According to Creator
Celeste “Farewell Levels” Coming in 2019 According to Creator

Celeste is one of those indie games that comes right out of left field and takes everyone by storm. Personally, I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but it seems that nearly every person that has played Celeste loved it. I won’t be surprised in the least if the game makes it to several top-ten lists of 2018. Celeste is currently enjoying its well-deserved success. According to the game’s creator, Matt Thorson, the game has sold over 500,000 copies throughout 2018. Pretty impressive numbers for an indie game like Celeste.

As a kind of thank you and farewell, Matt Thorson is going to add more levels to Celeste in early 2019. According to the Twitter announcement, said levels are going to be really hard. Now, I’ve heard that Celeste is already pretty difficult as is, so one wonders how rough these upcoming “hard” levels are going to be. Also, the same tweet mentions some kind of incoming announcement about what’s next for the people behind Celeste in the new year. There’s no mention of any price for those new Celeste levels, so they might just end up being free for all you fans.

Celeste came out early this year, on January 25th. You can get it on a whole bunch of platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and macOS. Looking at the universal praise the game has gotten, it’s definitely worth a spin. Plus, winter sales are up all over the place, so really, what do you have to lose?

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