Fallout 76 Players Getting Fallout Classic Collection in Early January

In what one assumes is their latest push to make up for everything that has gone wrong with Fallout 76, Bethesda has decided to treat everyone that has logged into the game this year. Specifically, all of you are going to get the Fallout Classic Collection some time in early January, no matter which platform you’ve played on, as long as you’ve logged into the full release in 2018. The games in the bundle are Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics. You can only play these games on PC, but they can run on any ole weak build.

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Fallout 76 Players Getting Fallout Classic Collection in Early January
Fallout 76 Players Getting Fallout Classic Collection in Early January

Ever since Fallout 76’s disastrous launch and subsequent mishandling of the many issues that the fanbase had to deal with, Bethesda have been doing everything they can to make it up to everyone. The latest thing that Bethesda has thought of to make amends with the fans is handing out the Fallout Classic Collection to everyone that has played the full version of Fallout 76. The collection is going to be available starting some time in early January; there’s no exact date just yet.

According to Bethesda’s Twitter account, anyone that has logged into the full game in 2018 “will receive an entitlement for Fallout Classic Collection on PC.” Of course, the same goes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players; although, keep in mind that you can only play the games in the collection on PC. Given their age, that shouldn’t be much of a problem, no matter how old or weak your PC might be. Now, what exactly does the Fallout Classic Collection contain? Three, well, classic Fallout games: Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics.

Incidentally, the Fallout Classic Collection normally costs $20 on Steam. Currently, you can get it for even less money due to the winter sale and whatnot. Plus, each game goes for a handful of bucks individually. I’m just saying, you don’t have to suffer through Fallout 76 to play the old-school games from the series. As for whether this is good enough retribution for everything that FO76 has put its fanbase through, well, that’s entirely up to each of you to decide individually. It’s better than nothing, to be sure.

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