Children Of Zodiarcs Launches on PC & PlayStation 4

Children of Zodiarcs, a tactical JRPG developed by Cardboard Utopia, has launched on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The game is a an RPG, but also a deck-and-dice game, where players move the characters on a grid, and roll dice and use cards to defeat enemies, so there are deck-building elements, as well. Children of Zodiarcs is a part of Square Enix’s Collective initiative.

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Children Of Zodiarcs Launches on PC & PlayStation 4
Children Of Zodiarcs Launches on PC & PlayStation 4

Fans of tactical RPGs, like Fire Emblem and similar games, have a new little treat they can now get for their PC and/or PlayStation 4 – Children of Zodiarcs. The game was developed by Cardboard Utopia, which is an independent studio full of veteran developers. The project was financed on Kickstarter, and it’s part of the Square Enix Collective initiative (it’s kinda sorta like Square Enix’s version of Steam Greenlight).

In Children of Zodiarcs, you play as a thief called Nahmi, who attempts to steal an artifact from a noble. The heist goes south, and Nehmi ends up being chased by guards bearing Zordiac weapons. The goal, at least initially, is to escape through the slums. The game uses dice and cards in combat. Characters move across a grid, and cards and dice are used for attacks, defense, and determining the outcome of battle. Or, as the description on Steams sums it up:

A story-driven, tactical RPG set in the fantasy realm of Lumus; a world divided by affluence and poverty. Take control of Nahmi and her fellow outcasts, utilising a brand new deck and dice based combat system to strike a blow to the noble Lords’ and Ladies’ unquenchable thirst for profit.

Children of Zodiarcs costs $18. However, the Steam version is currently on a 10% discount, making it a little over $16. If you want to purchase the fully-orchestrated score as well, you can buy both the game and the OST for a little over $20. You can check out the launch trailer below.

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