Destiny 2 Hunter Arcstrider Subclass Skills & Perks Detailed During Beta

Destiny 2 Hunter’s Arcstrider Subclass – Way of the Warrior talents list is available in the early access open beta. Find out if the new Hunter skills and attributes are suited for your play style. This is not the only Hunter subclass; you can also switch between this one and the second one – Gunslinger.

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Destiny 2 Hunter Arcstrider Subclass Way of the Warrior Talents List
Destiny 2 Hunter Arcstrider Subclass Way of the Warrior Talents List

Arcstrider Talent Tree

Arcstrider has the same class skills and movement modes like the second Hunter subclass – Gunslinger. If you are not a fan of the flaming pistol, this is the subclass for you. Taking down enemies with Arc Staff feels so rewarding.

1. Super Ability
Arc StaffFrom a staff of pure Arc energy and acrobatically take out your foes.
2. Grenade
ArcboltA grenade that chains bolts of lighting to nearby enemies.
FluxAn explosive grenade that deals additional damage when attached to enemies.
SkipA grenade that splits upon impact, creating multiple projectiles that seek enemies.
3. Class Skill
Marksman’s DodgeDodge (Circle, Circle / B, B) to perform an evasive maneuver with a steady hand. Dodging automatically reloads your weapon.
Gambler’s DodgeDodge (Circle, Circle / B, B) to perform a deft tumble, avoiding enemy attacks. Dodging near enemies fully recharges your Melee Ability.
4. Movement Mode
High JumpWhile airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
Strafe JumpWhile airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
Triple JumpWhile airborne, sustain your air control with a second or third jump.
5. Passives – Way of the Warrior
Combination BlowKill an enemy with this melee ability to trigger health regeneration and increase your melee damage temporarily.
Combat FlowMelee kills recharge your dodge ability.
Deadly ReachDodging increases your melee range, allowing you to lunge further to strike enemies.
Lethal CurrentAfter dodging, each Arc Staff hit creates a damaging lighting aftershock.
6. Way of the Wind – Upgrade Point needed
I – Disorienting BlowStrike an enemy with this melee ability to disorient the target and nearby enemies.
II – Focused BreathingSprinting recharges your dodge ability. Increased maximum sprint speed.
III – Combat MeditationWhile critically wounded, melee and grenades recharge drastically faster.
IV – Lightning ReflexesYou are harder to kill while dodging.

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