Cities: Skylines Concerts DLC is Live on PC Along With Update 1.8.0

Cities: Skylines Concerts DLC is a mini expansion that has gone live on PC today. This is the first DLC after the launch of the Mass Transit expansion. Concerts is the sixth piece of DLC for the game, and it costs $7.

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Cities Skylines Concerts DLC is Lie on PC With an Update 1.8.0
Cities: Skylines Concerts DLC is Live on PC

To enjoy the new DLC, you’ll need the base game. The base game is priced at $28, but there’s a 75% discount on the official page, which leaves you with the price of $7.

What you get in Cities: Skylines Concerts DLC

There are three main features in Cities: Skylines Concerts:

  • New music from in-game bands: NESTOR, Elijha MOTi, and Lily La Roux add their musical gifts to the Cities: Skylines soundtrack via the new music focused radio station “Live”. 100% music with no interruptions!
  • New Festival Area Building: Level-up your festival grounds to accommodate better shows and bigger crowds.
  • Concert-focused City Ordinances: Support your festival ambitions with new laws and budget options to promote concerts and monetize the crowds.

1.8.0 Patch Notes

The full patch notes, including all the fixes, can be found on the game’s Steam page. The free update made changes to the base game, as well as expansions like After Dark, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, Mass Transit and Match Day.

  • Content Manager Overhaul Sort assets by: Active state, Update date, File location
  • Assets can be selected by clicking them
  • Select all / Deselect all allows user to select or deselect currently filtered assets
  • Enable all / Disable all now affect only selected assets
  • Unsubscribe All button allows user to unsubscribe selected assets in Steam Workshop tab.
  • Multiple search terms can be used to filter the asset list by separating them with comma
  • Fixed: Issues with bulldozing and construction sounds
  • Traffic routes info view does not show bicycles for players who don’t own After Dark
  • Garbage facilities show different stats based on how they work
  • Snowfall expansion – DLC icons are shown next to Snowfall builtin maps in new game panel

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