Gwent Dev Diary Details Upcoming Social Features

There’s a new developer diary for Gwent, the card game set in the Witcher universe. It features community manager Marcin Momot and lead programmer Jason Slama, discussing the social features that are supposed to be implemented in the near future.

gwent social features dev diary
Gwent social features

The team has been hard at work with these community features, but before they released them for real, they decided to show them off a bit and get some feedback. The first point of discussion is the news feed. In order to be able to communicate better with players, they’re going to add a news feed into the client. It’s going to pull the stuff from the official site – stuff like this new video, patch notes, Twitch events, etc. The client will automatically send you to that tab if there’s something new to see. They’re also adding notifications, which are… well, notifications.

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Then there’s the stats screen, which will allow you to see EVERY POSSIBLE NUMBER related to you as a player. The left side of the screen will show your level, rank, highest rank, number of victories and cards collected. You’ll be able to stick your favorite card into that part of the screen, so you can look at it and admire yourself. Go you. The right side of the screen shows a more detailed breakdown – number of victories per faction, card collections per faction and such. The devs would like to cram more stats there (like a complete match history), but they’re waiting for suggestions from the community on that one, so get suggesting. It’s probably going to be divided into tabs at some point.

Probably the biggest change is the friends list, which will allow you to chat with your buddies or invite them to a card duel. The list will show the last five players you fought, so you’ll be able to ask for a rematch or develop a romantic relationship with any of them. The patch will contain some minor changes as well, but if you’re interested in those, we suggest watching the video yourself.

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