Cities Skylines Gets Xbox One Release Date

Cities Skylines has become one of the most popular city building and management games on PC in the last couple of years. Now, it’s finally coming to Xbox One as well. According to Paradox Interactive, the game’s publisher, the console version will be launching on April 21st. It’s already available for preorder, if you like to gamble.

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cities skylines xbox one release date
Cities Skylines Xbox One release date

Consoles really aren’t a place where you get a lot of management or strategy games, so each and every one is welcomed with open arms. Especially when they’re as popular and well loved as Cities. The game’s console version is going to be sold for $40, and it’s going to include After Dark, the first piece of DLC (the one that adds nightlift, burglars and such). The other two expansions, Snowfall and Natural Disasters, aren’t being mentioned – they might end up being sold separately, or they might not even appear on Xbox. The developers are probably just waiting to see how the base package performs before commiting to any further work.

If Cities does well on Microsoft’s turf, it might give other developers a nudge as well. It would be great to see a more diverse range of games on Xbox One and Playstation 4 – more simulations, more strategy, more management. A lot of these games come with controller support on PC anyway, so adjusting the control scheme wouldn’t really be an issue. That just leaves performance, which would definitely take some work.

If you’ve enjoyed playing Sim City back in the day, and are looking for something to fill that Sim-City-shaped hole in your heart, you could do worse than getting this game. Just hold off the purchase until we know whether the performance is good on the Xbox One, what the developers did about UI and text scalling, etc. #nopreorders

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