Civilization VI Nubia DLC Introduced in First Look Video

Civilization VI players got their first look at the upcoming Nubia DLC. The Nubia civ, led by queen Amanitore, has new unique abilities, tile improvements, and units. There’s no set launch date yet, nor do we know how much it will cost, but based of the other DLCs, it will probably be somewhere around $5. If you own the Civ VI Digital Deluxe edition, you’ll get the Nubia DLC automatically.

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Civilization VI Nubia DLC Introduced in First Look Video
Civilization VI Nubia DLC Introduced in First Look Video

The next Civilization VI DLC, Nubia, has been revealed in a first look video. The footage and narration reveal the unique abilities, units, and tile improvements that the new civ will have to offer, as well as their leader, Queen Amanitore. There’s no further information about the DLC as of now.

The unique ability of the Nubia civ is called Ta-Seti. This ability gives a large production bonus to mines that are on strategic resources, as well as bonus gold for mines on luxury resources. More importantly, when you’re making ranged units, this ability gives bonus production, as well as allowing those units to gain experience at a faster rate.

Speaking of ranged units, your main strength will be the unique unit called Pitati Archers. They are both faster and stronger than the units they replace, and become the Crossbowman after you upgrade them. As for the Nubia civ tile improvement, it’s called the Nubian Pyramid, which you can build on Desert, Desert Hill, and Floodland Plain tiles. They grant you Faith, as well as numerous other bonuses, depending on which tiles are adjacent. Building the pyramids requires Masonry, so that should be one of your primary goals.

Finally, there’s the unique ability of the civ leader Amanitore. It’s called Kandake of Meroe (kandake meaning queen), and it is closely tied to the pyramids. When you construct districts, this ability will grant you bonus production. If you have a Nubian Pyramid next to the city center, the districts themselves will be improved. So, the Nubian Pyramid might as well be the second thing you build.

You can check out the Civilization VI Nubia DLC first look video below.

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