Humble Saints Row Bundle Lets You Get to Know the 3rd Street Saints

The latest Humble Bundle is all about Volitions magnum opus – it has all the Saints Row games (the ones that came out on PC, at least), plus some other goodies from Deep Silver’s catalogue. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with the life and work of the 3rd Street Saints, now’s a great time to correct that mistake.

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humble saints row bundle
Humble Saints Row Bundle

The $1 tier consists of Saints Row 2, Homefront, Deadlight and Risen 3. SR2 is the game that started it all – the first one was a cheap GTA knock-off, but the second one is where Volition actually decided on a direction of their own. It’s the moment when they decided to embrace the absurd and go all out. One of the earliest missions has you spraying raw sewage all over downtown property in order to reduce its value. Homefront is a decent first person shooter you can easily spend an evening with without regreting it, while Deadlight has some great parkouring in a bleak, post apocalyptic world. Risen 3 is hardly worth getting, even at this price.

The beat-the-average tier (sitting at $5 at the time of writing) has the superb Saints Row 3, the dull spin-off Gat Out of Hell, Suda 51’s Killer Is Dead and the controversial Mega-Man-’em-up Mighty No. 9. Ignoring the last one, this is a great package. Saints Row 3 was the first title in the series that was actually enjoyable from start to finish, with no major faults to forgive.

There’s a $15 tier as well, with Saints Row 4, Homefront: The Revolution and a couple of absolutely worthless DLC packs for games from the previous bracket. The fourth game is arguably the series’ peak in every way, which makes the upgrade to this tier worth it even though the rest of the package is fluff.

Finally, for $75 you’ll get everything from the cheaper tiers plus a preorder for Agents of Mayhem. A game that isn’t out yet and might end up being not good at all.

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