Civilization VI Summer Update Adds Restart Button, Nubia DLC & More

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI summer update brings the $5 Nubia DLC, various balance changes, enhancements and fixes. One of the main features that are in this update is a restart button, which regenerates the map using the current game settings. The update is now available for PC, and coming soon for Mac and Linux.

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Civilization VI Summer Update Adds Restart Button Nubia DLC and More
Civilization VI Summer Update Adds Restart Button, Nubia DLC & More

Nubia DLC Notes

You can find the Nubia Civilization and Scenario Pack on Steam for $5. It includes the Nubian Civilization with Queen Amanitore, the Pitati Archer unique unit, Nubian Pyramid unique improvement, and the new Jebel Barkal Wonder:

  • Civ Unique Ability: +50% Production toward Ranged units. All Ranged units earn promotions 50% faster. Mines over strategic resources are +1 Production. Mines over bonus and luxury resources are +2 Gold.
  • Queen Amanitore Unique Ability: Kandake of Meroë – +20% Production on all districts rising to +40% if the city contains a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the City Center.
  • Pitati Archer: Replaces the Archer. Stronger than the Archer with +1 Movement.
  • Nubian Pyramid: Improvement. +1 Faith. Receives additional yields from adjacent districts. +1 Food if adjacent to a city center. For all other districts that award adjacency bonuses: +1 of the appropriate yield if that district is adjacent. Desert, Desert Hills, Floodplains. Jebel Barkal Wonder
  • Unlocked at Iron Working. Awards 2 free Iron and +4 Faith to Cities within 6 tiles.
  • New “Gifts of the Nile” Scenario
  • Added Restart button to regenerate the map
  • Added the saving of game setup configurations to reuse when starting future games

Summer 2017 Update Patch Notes

The update contains general balance changes, Civ & leader-specific balance changes, map generation, UI enhancements, diplomacy enhancements, AI tuning, multiplayer, bug fixes, and it adds new visuals for desert mountains. For the full list, check out the official page.

General Balance Changes

  • The Hanging Gardens now provides +2 Housing in city it is built
  • Walls now provide Tourism, and do not have Maintenance
  • Battering Ram and Siege Tower now upgrade to the Medic support unit, and no longer are functional against a city with Urban Defenses
  • Press Gangs will now unlock with Exploration and Native Conquest with Colonialism.
  • Moved “Urban Defenses” from Civil Engineering to Steel

Map Generation

  • Aluminum may now appear on Plains
  • Increased Lake generation
  • Updated Bonus and Strategic Sea resource generation
  • Fixed river generation on Inland Sea maps


  • Improved stability after receiving a multiplayer join error
  • Fixed unnecessary host migration when exiting a LAN game
  • Fixed an occasional hang during wars in dynamic turn mode
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes and stability improvements

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