PlayStation Plus Prices Rising in Europe and Australia

Sony has announced that they’ll be raising the PlayStation Plus subscription fees in Europe and Australia. A yearly subscription will be ten pounds / euros / Australian dollars more expensive. Quarterly memberships will go up by £5 /€5 / $6, and a one-month subscription will cost one euro / dollar / pound more. The changes will take place on August 31st, at 00:01 BST.

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PlayStation Plus Prices Rising in Europe and Australia
PlayStation Plus Prices Rising in Europe and Australia

PlayStation owners from Europe and Australia, we have some less-than-pleasant news for you. Sony has announced that they’ll be increasing the prices of PlayStation Plus subscriptions in these regions. The changes will take effect starting August 31st, at 00:01 BST. There’s no word on whether or not the subscription fees are going to change in North America or other regions.

Now for the new prices. According to Gamespot, monthly subscriptions will cost £7 / €8 / AU $11. Quarterly subs will go up to £20 / €25 / AU $34, while a yearly membership will set you back £50 / €60 / AU $80. So, if you want to keep playing your PlayStation games online, or enjoy the monthly free games, that’s how much you’ll have to pay for the privilege. The yearly subscription is about the price of a standard-edition triple-A game still, so maybe it’s not that bad. Of course, it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep paying or not.

As for how this will affect your ongoing membership, it seems that the new prices won’t affect your current subscription until it expires. Eurogamer reached out to Sony for answers, and this is an excerpt of what a representative sent them:

For current members, the new prices will take effect when their memberships renew on or after this date. Membership will continue to include online multiplayer, two PS4 games every month, new PlayLink social party game That’s You! as a bonus game until 25th October, exclusive discounts, and 10GB online storage for game saves.

In other words, the membership you might currently have won’t be affected. However, starting August 31st, make sure you have some extra cash on your hands if you want to renew that subscription. If not, make sure that the subscription doesn’t automatically renew itself.

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