COD Mobile Season 8 Weapon Buffs & Nerfs, All Balance Changes

Looking for all Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 weapon balance changes? You’ve come to the right place! The eighth season of COD: Mobile, called Train to Nowhere, is here, and it comes with a host of new and exciting content, themed around spies and espionage. New gameplay content includes the new Express map, the Spycraft Perk, the new Igniter Battle Royale class, two new weapons, and much more. Of course, each major update also brings significant balance changes, and the Season 8 update is no exception there. Read on to learn about all weapon buffs and nerfs in the COD Mobile Season 8 update.

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COD Mobile Season 8 Weapon Buffs & Nerfs, All Balance Changes

COD Mobile Season 8 Weapon Balance Changes, Nerfs & Buffs

As we’ve already mentioned, the new season launches with two new functional weapons: the Butterfly Knife and ZRG 20mm bolt-action sniper rifle. However, while the new weapons undoubtedly have an influence on the meta, the most important factor is always balance changes. Weapon buffs and nerfs are something players highly anticipate. Are the broken weapons toned down a bit? Are there some buffs for the underperforming guns? These are the questions we all want answers to when a new season launches.

And this time around developer TiMi Studio Group has introduced a host of balance updates across the board. However, instead of a sea of nerfs, the update comes with a whopping number of 16 buffed guns in total, with only two nerfed ones, the JAK-12 and HVK-30. As you can see, there are a lot of balance changes. Thus, without further ado, let’s jump right into them. Here are all the weapon buffs and nerfs for COD Mobile Season 8 Train to Nowhere:

All COD Mobile Season 8 Guns Buffs and Nerfs

Swordfish Buffed

  • Fire Interval between Bursts: Reduced
  • Hip-fire Bullet Spread: Increased (MP Only)
  • ADS Speed: Increased
  • Halberd Mag
  • Fire Interval In Burst: Reduced

Pharo Buffed

  • Recoil: Reduced
  • Range: Reduced

Chicom Buffed

  • Damage Multiplier: Increased

Oden Buffed

  • Recoil: Reduced
  • Range: Increased

PPSh-41 Buffed

  • Horizontal Recoil: Reduced

Chopper Buffed

  • ADS Accuracy: Increased
  • Damage: Increased
  • Range: Increased

QXR Buffed

  • Damage: Increased

KRM-262 Buffed

  • Therefore, we have adjusted its damage and pellet allocation to improve its fault tolerance of non-precision shots.
  • Damage: Increased
  • Range: Increased
  • Hip-fire Central Pellets Spread: Reduced

JAK-12 Nerfed

  • Damage Multiplier: Reduced
  • Range: Reduced

MX9 Buffed

  • Damage: Increased
  • Adjusted the damage/range/damage multiplier in Battle Royale to be all the same with MP mode.

LK24 Buffed

  • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased

HG 40 Buffed

  • Range: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased

AK-47 Buffed

  • Damage Multiplier: Increased


Reactor Core Nerfed

  • Damage Radius: Reduced
  • Activate Energy Needed: Increased
  • Energy Recovery Rate: Reduced

Gravity Spikes Buffed

  • Energy Recovery Rate: Increased

Claw Buffed

  • The bullet damage will not be reduced after the rebound.
  • Lethal and Tactical Adjustment

Flash Drone Nerfed

  • Effective Radius: Reduced

Concussion Grenade Nerfed 

  • Effective Radius: Reduced
  • Max Duration: Reduced
  • Min Duration: Reduced

Thermite Nerfed

  • Effective Radius: Reduced
  • Duration: Reduced

Trophy System Buffed

  • Detect Radius: Increased

Flashbang Grenade Buffed

  • Effective Radius: Adjusted to 10m
  • Max Effective Duration: Increased

Contact Grenade Buffed

  • Throw Speed: Increased
  • Damage: Increased
  • Damage Radius: Increased

Molotov Cocktail Buffed

  • Duration: Increased

Echo Grenade Buffed

  • Detect Radius: Increased

Battle Royale

SVD Buffed

  • Range of First Stage: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Base Vertical Recoil: Reduced

Type 25 Buffed

  • Range: Increased
  • Damage: Increased

GKS Buffed

  • Range: Increased

CR-56 AMAX Buffed

  • Damage: Increased

HVK-30 Nerfed

  • Range: Adjusted
  • Base Damage: Adjusted
  • Adjustment of the Class Skill

Clown Buffed

  • Recharge Speed: Increased
  • Tracking Range: Increased

Airborne Buffed

  • Recharge Speed: Increased

Support – Profession Passive Skill Nerfed

  • Time spent to revive teammates won’t be reduced after the Class upgrade.
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