Captain Caviar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie is one of the new cookies coming in the Cookie Odyssey update. There’s not too much information on the epic just yet, but we’ll share everything we know in this guide. Of course, we’ll also keep updating it as more information comes out. So, with that said, let’s dive straight in.

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captain caviar cookie in cookie run kingdom
Captain Caviar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie

Captain Caviar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is one of the two new cookies coming to the game in the Cookie Odyssey update. The other one is, of course, Black Pearl Cookie. The good captain will is voiced by Dave Fennoy in the English version and Kim Dong-hyun in the Korean version. Caviar is an Epic cookie. His special skill, Black Shark Torpedo, seems like a lot of fun. It shoots three of these torpedoes, which grants Debuff Resistance to all allies. They aim at the enemy with the lowest health in descending order (targets cookies first). When it hits, it causes damage in an area of effect. On top of it all, it makes the Captain briefly immune to interrupting effects.

Captain Caviar Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

UPDATE: Now that Captain Caviar Cookie is out in Cookie Run Kingdom, we can say which toppings are the best in our opinion with more certainty. Going with five Searing Raspberry should work well, to maximize damage. On the other hand, you can go with five Swift Chocolate if you want to increase the number of times you can use the special attack. Lastly, you could go with five Solid Almond if you want to keep the captain alive for longer. However, I think going for damage or more ultimate attacks is the way to go. Original text follows.

We are not sure what the best toppings for Captain Caviar Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom are going to be. After all, it’s not in the game just yet. We’ll be sure to update the guide with more information once it becomes available. In the meantime, we can engage in some educated guesswork. We know already that Caviar is going to be a Bomber-type Cookie, and that his position will be in the middle. That, plus the fact that his special skill, Black Shark Torpedo, is designed to deal some serious damage, can lead us to some conclusions. In my opinion, it seems like going with Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate (or some mix of the two) will be the way to go. However, we’ll only know for certain once the new cookie is in the game.

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