Cookie Run Kingdom Codes January 2024, Redeem Free Coins & More

Latest working January 2024 Cookie Run: Kingdom codes which you can redeem to receive free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Sugar Gnomes, Experience, and more. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a 2021 game that belongs to the Cookie Run franchise. It is the 8th installment, and it has a different gameplay than the previous ones. It combines real-time strategy and city-building elements. The game is very addictive and popular among players. However, it also has a high monetisation rate, so getting free rewards is very useful. This article will show you the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon codes for January 2024.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Codes January 2024, Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, more

JANUARY 2024 UPDATE: We’ve checked for new codes, and we’ve found several new and working Cookie Run Kingdom codes for January 2024. Redeem these Cookie Run Kingdom promo coupons for free Crystals and much more! Finally, make sure to return and check out for new codes!

New Working Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Codes January 2024

Below, you’ll find all currently active codes. As always, keep in mind that most of these coupon codes are not permanent. They can expire anytime, so redeem them as soon as possible. Developers currently have the “Springtime Gifts For All!” action, so there will be more codes. Stay tuned!

  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYT – Redeem this codes for free 500,000 coins (NEW 2024 CODE!)
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYAS – Redeem this codes for free five special Cookie Cutters (NEW 2024 CODE!)
  • CRK3RDANNIVERSARYBE – Redeem this codes for free 500 Rainbow Cubes (NEW 2024 CODE!)
  • TUNEINTOTHELCSFINALE – Redeem this codes for free 500 Rainbow Cubes
  • FROMKINGDOMWITHLOVE – Redeem this codes for free 1,500 Rainbow Cubes and 3,000 crystals

Expired Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Coupons

The codes below are tested and proven to work no longer. Thus, because they have expired, they are not valid anymore, and you will not be able to redeem them for free rewards in Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • GOOGLEPLAY2023 – Redeem this codes for free Rewards! (NEW DECEMBER 2023 CODE!)
  • DESPERATEMEASURESLCS – Free Reward: 100 Stamina Jellies and 100 EXP Star Jellies Level 5
  • LASTCOOKIESTANDING – Free Reward: 1,000x Crystals
  • Code: CRKINDONESIA – Free Reward: 3,000x Crystals
  • NEWUPDATEISAHEAD – 3,000x Crystals / 1,500x Rainbow Cubes
  • FOLLOWINGINLATAM – 2,500x Crystals
  • CRKINGDOMWITHBTS – 1,000 Army Bombs / 3,000x Crystals
  • 1015CKCOOKIELIVE – 2,500x Army Bombs
  • THANX200MPLAYERS – 2,000x Crystals / 2,000x Rainbow Cubes

How to Redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

To redeem a code is a piece of cake. As with most mobile games, you can not redeem a Cookie Run Kingdom coupon code in the game itself. Rather, you’ll need to visit a dedicated page for it. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Open Cookie Run: Kingdom on your phone
  • Tap the blue icon with three lines in the top-right corner
  • Head to “Settings”
  • Tap “Info” and you’ll find your account’s name there (you can now close the game)
  • Head to the DevPlay coupon page
  • Enter your player ID
  • Type in a Cookie Run: Kingdom code
  • Hit the “Claim Reward” green button
  • Head back into Cookie Run: Kingdom and your rewards will be there!

And that’s it. If you have done everything correctly you will be able to claim rewards from a code you’ve redeemed. If the rewards don’t appear immediately, restart the game and check again. With that said, if you know some new working codes, make sure to share them with us in the comments!

Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Codes April 2022, Free Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, more
DevPlay Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Page
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