How To Get Memento Lens Genshin Impact

The Memento Lens is one of the most important gadgets added to Genshin Impact in its newest update and many players are wondering how to get it. This is because the Memento Lens is part of a very long and complicated quest chain. In order to receive it, you need to solve several hard tasks first, and only then will you get the Memento Lens in your possession. To help you get this gadget as soon as you can, we’ve compiled this How To Get Memento Lens Genshin Impact guide. We will explain everything you need to know about this gadget, including how to get and how to use it.

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How To Get Memento Lens Genshin Impact

How To Get The Memento Lens

The long road to getting this gadget begins at the Sky Kitsune Statue shrine near Konda Village. A masked woman will give you the Strange Story in Konda quest. We have a great guide on how to complete this quest. The short version is that you will need to talk with three people in this village: Futaba, Saimon Eri, and Takeru. After that, you will need to collect three clues – which are marked on your map – and present them to the Village Chief in exact order. These are: Purse by the dried-up well (first clue), the cargo bag fished out from water (second), and the Ragged list of goods (third). He will give you the key which will take you to the bottom of the well. To complete this well puzzle, follow the explanation in the video below.

How To Solve The Sacrificial Offering

Once you’ve completed this quest, Kazari will give you the next quest – Sacrificial Offering. Incidentally, it is during this quest that you will get the Memento Lens. Like the one before it, we’ve put together a guide that will take you through this quest. Start by going to the Abandoned Shrine Northeast of Konda Village. Here, you will need to find several Mysterious Shadows. Most of them are on the ground, but one is on the roof of a nearby building. If you are having problems finding them all, our video below will tell you the location of each one.

Head to the Grand Narukami Shrine

Once you’ve found the all the Mysterious Shadows and opened the Exquisite Chest, you will need to head to the Grand Narukami Shrine. Head here and speak with Inagi Hotomi the Shrine Maiden. After you speak with her, she will give you the Memento Lens. You can now use this to finish the rest of the Sacrificial Offering quest.

How To Use The Memento Lens

The Memento Lens is a gadget and it works like most other gadgets in the game. Concerning its use, it is used when you come across a small fox statue. Look at the statue through the Memento Lens and it will uncover previously-hidden things such as buttons or similar objects needed to solve puzzles and finish quests. And there you have it, thanks to our How To Get Memento Lens Genshin Impact guide, you now know everything about how to get this gadget, as well as how to use it.

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