Cronus, Xim on Xbox, Error 0x82d60002 Unauthorized Xbox Accessory

The question of Cronus and Xim on Xbox, the 0x82d60002 Unauthorized Xbox Accessory error, etc has been on the mind of many people that use Xim and/or Cronus. Namely, people are wondering whether Xi will be getting a ban on Xbox, and whether Cronus will remain as a viable Xbox accessory or will it also get banned. Well, in this article, we are going to share everything we know at the moment.

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cronus xim on xbox error 0x82d60002 unauthorized xbox accessory
Cronus, Xim on Xbox, Error 0x82d60002 Unauthorized Xbox Accessory

Error 0x82d60002 Unauthorized Accessory to Xbox Console

If you get the 0x82d60002 Unauthorized Accessory to Xbox Console error, be advised, it seems that Microsoft will ban using “unauthorized accessories” starting in mid-November. The error you got is the warning. According to the support website, after you see this error, you’ll then have two weeks to use the offending accessory as much as you want. After that timer runs out, you’ll get error 0x82d60003. That completely blocks you from using the accessory, so all you can do is return it. Or use it on your PC, I suppose. And this is happening regardless of the fact that the Cronus FAQ defends the product as connecting “to your console using an original, licensed controller.”

Will Cronus and Xim Be Banned on Xbox as Unauthorized Accessory

While we can’t say for certain, it is looking like Cronus and Xim will be banned on Xbox as an unauthorized accessory, and the “Error 0x82d60002 Unauthorized Accessory to Xbox Console” thing is the first sign of doom. Granted, there is no official information just yet. Microsoft haven’t put out any comments. However, it is looking like the end (or some version of an end) for Xim and Cronus on the Xbox. You’ll have to use approved accessories instead, which, to be fair, do also include third-party products, just not these two. And yes, some people are already rejoicing, claiming that these controllers gave users an unfair advantage in multiplayer games.

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