Crypt of The Necrodancer Amplified DLC Launch Trailer Released

Amplified, the upcoming DLC for dancing roguelike Crypt of the Necrodancer, is going to be released on July 12th. It’s been in early access on PC for a while now, but it’s finally coming out for real. There’s a launch trailer now, to convert you into a follower of the One True Rhythm Game.

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crypt of the necrodancer amplified dlc trailer
Crypt of the Necrodancer Amplified DLC

Amplified is a prequel expansion, but there are no details concerning the story. It will introduce a new playable character, a flying blue creature called Nocturna. Here’s the full list of additions you’ll get in the add-on:

  • A whole new zone full of nefarious new enemies!
  • A powerful new protagonist: Nocturna!
  • New weapons, armor, and other loot
  • Pet-like “familiars” that stay by your side and help you fight!
  • A new story cutscene and a new boss battle
  • Over 20 new tracks have been added to the soundtrack, including vocals from Mega Ran as “FortissiMole”!
  • A completely new playable OST remix created by OverClocked ReMix
  • Additional DLC remixes from FamilyJules, A_Rival, Virt, and Girlfriend Records!
  • In case you haven’t tried it, Crypt of the Necrodancer is hands down the best thing to happen to rhythm games since Dance Dance Revolution. It’s a roguelike which rewards you for acting along with the beat, providing you with attack boosts and such. It’s basically DDR but with skellingtons to whack on the head, items to equip and loot to collect. As any proper music game should, it includes support for importing your own music, as well as using an USB dance pad.

    Crypt of The Necrodancer is going to be released on PC on July 12th. The trailer doesn’t mention the console versions, but it’s probably going to be there as well. It’s going to cost you about $7, but you’ll have to own the base game as well.

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