Fortnite All Edition Packs, Items and Pre-Order Bonuses

Fortnite features four different founder packs for its customers who want to play the game from July 21st. If you are eager to spend money to play it before it goes free-to-play sometime in 2018, you’ll need to cash out between $40 and $150 for this paid early access. The Super Deluxe and Limited Edition contain additional digital standard copies for friends. Fortnite will come out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on July 21st for those that pre-order.

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Fortnite Limited Edition Most Expensive
Fortnite Limited Edition

If you’ve bought the cheaper version and you want to go for the more expensive one, you can do it through the Founder’s Pack upgrades. These upgrade options will only be available after early access has released, and not before.

Note: If you are planning to get this game for your PC, be sure to have 64-bit OS installed, as Fortnite can’t run on the 32-bit one.

Fortnite Edition Packs Round-up Items

The table below shows the differences between some of the items obtainable through the various Fortnite editions. For the full edition content, add the table items to the list under each edition.

ItemsStandardDeluxeSuper DeluxeLegendary
Exclusive Founders Loot Pinata Packs14612
Daily Loot Pinata Packs6243672
Immediate Loot Pinata Packs05515
Exclusive In-game Banner Icons4101520
XP Boosts0102040
Giftable XP Boosts for Friends0102040
Extra Account Inventory Slots050100200

Fortnite Pre-Order Bonus

The Day One edition bonuses are given to the players who bought the game before its release. The bonus items that come as a reward are included in all pre-order editions. These include:

  • Four-Day head start. You can start playing the game on July 21st.
  • Storm Master Weapon Pack (three weapons).

Standard Founder’s Pack

The least expensive, and probably one of the most sold editions, costs $40. The content included in it is also present in all other editions, just in larger quantities. If you get the standard edition, beside access to the game, you’ll get to enjoy these in-game items: 7 packs and four banners.

Deluxe Founder’s Pack

This is the $60 version. In terms of items included, it is an upgraded Standard edition, with special in-game items allegedly worth up to $100, which we’ve listed in the table above. It also contains:

  • Rare Starter Hero Pack – (8 Heroes)
  • Rare Starter Weapon pack (4 weapons/ 1 Trap)
  • Exclusive Founders Pistol

Super Deluxe Edition

The third edition is, of course, pricier than the previous two versions, and costs $90. The in-game items listed in the table above are allegedly all worth around $180. This is an upgraded Deluxe edition, containing all the same items, plus new ones:

  • 2 Exclusive In-game Defenders
  • 1 Digital Standard Edition for a Friend
  • Exclusive Founder’s Chat Channel

Limited Edition Founder’s Pack

The most expensive edition costs $150, and features the largest amount of items obtainable through editions. The in-game value of items found in here is allegedly $350. Other than all the items listed in the Super Deluxe edition, you’ll also get the:

  • 2 Digital Standard Edition for a Friend
  • 2 Exclusive Legendary Heroes
  • 1 Exclusive Legendary Weapon
  • 10 Inventory – Backpack

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